Dragon City Fast Leveling Guide

Posted: May 10, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dragon City is one of the most played games on facebook. Currently it is the number one game that Social Point had developed. Social wars, Social Empire and Dark Warriors are amongst the game that Social Point offers.

dragon city

In Dragon City, leveling up fast is really important. Some dragons, habitats and building require such levels in order to obtain or build which is one of the main reason that dragon city player wants to level up fast. Other people level up fast for popularity since if you will appear at the top player on your friend’s ranking.

There are plenty of ways to gain a lot of experience in dragon city to level up fast. One of the best ways is by building food farm and then selling it to build another one. Building food farm gives a lot of experience especially the huge food farm which gives the biggest experience among the food farm but it is also the most expensive. The most efficient food farm to use for this strategy is the big food farm since it has the best cost to experience ratio. You can also use this technique in other building but food farm is the best building for this purpose because it does not have a building time in order to be build unlike other buildings. If you have a lot of gold to use, this strategy is really recommended. You can have a lot of gold by buying it or using some dragon city hack which offer free gold and other resources.

Similar to the strategy above is by using boost instead of food farm. Boost gives a lot of experience once built but building time and building cost is really high. Just like the example above, you can also use dragon city cheat in order to acquire large amount of resources.

Other building that gives large amount of experience is the large habitats. It is also a great way to get big amount of experience but it is costly and not convenient.

Growing food is one of the most effective and most used ways of gaining large amount of experience. High level players rely on this strategy to gain experience. It is also very efficient since you will also get food which is also very important when leveling up your dragons. Growing food also uses gold and the food that gives the most experience and number of food is also the most expensive so gold production really play significant role here.

Clearing obstacles like big stone in the island also give experience but this is only for the beginner since this obstacle never grows again when cleared. Clearing obstacle also uses gold.

Those are some ways to level up fast in dragon city. We can see that gaining a lot of experience is directly proportional to the amount of gold you can produce so better plan well when you are spending your gold.


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